Pet Friendly Apartment Living

Living with pets are one of the most joyful and rewarding things in life and the positive influences that dogs have on our lives are endless. With this is mind, Pam Golding Properties – Pretoria have embarked on taking this concept to a whole new level. They have taken hands with selected developers and a few other key role players in the pet industry and have introduced the first ever PET FRIENDLY APARTMENT LIVING Concept in South Africa.

I was both honored and fortunate that Pam Golding Properties in collaboration with selected developers approached me and a colleague to run and manage this concept for them. In 2018 “Small Paws Apartment Living ®”  was born and we are currently involved in a few Pet Friendly Apartments in the Greater Tshwane.

Our goal is to create the ultimate pet friendly apartment lifestyle and help pet owners to make the transition from suburban pet living to apartment pet living. We looked all the aspects that pet parents should consider when they decide to acquire a pet for an apartment.

So, whether you’re bringing home your very first puppy, or preparing to start an awesome new life in a new apartment with your current pet, there are a few challenges that you need to take into account. I understand that moving can be difficult and adjusting to a new pet can be daunting and that’s why Paws-itive Paws-abilities have put together this guide to Pet Friendly Apartment Living. Our aim is to assist you and your pet to get started on the right foot and put the best paws forward.

With the above in mind, I created a very comprehensive Guide to “Pet Friendly Apartment Living”. This ONLINE Book serves as a way to introduce all new residents to the added benefits and services offered as initiated by the Body Corporate of Pet Friendly Apartments. It will give you all the relevant information to set your mind at ease and make the transition of moving into this new lifestyle concept a breeze.

With this guide I have considered all the relevant information, aspects, facts and features pertaining to “Pet Friendly Apartment Living” and would like to equip you with everything you need to know before you move into your new apartment with your pet.

No pet parent wants to be caught off guard and find out their pet isn’t allowed, or don’t have the right temperament for this lifestyle. Being prepared will help the process of moving go much smoother, letting you focus your energy on settling in, have fun in setting up your dogs’ zone, explore new parks, playing fetch and giving treats and most of all, meet tons of other pet lovers.

For more information regarding “Pet Friendly Apartment Living”, or should you wish to obtain the Guide to Pet Friendly Apartment Living, please feel free to contact Heather at Paws-itive Paws-abilities